Microsoft Rewards Is Getting A Couple Of New Xbox Features

It's been a while since we last talked about Microsoft Rewards here at Pure Xbox, and that's because it hasn't really changed all that much since plans were announced to supposedly overhaul the service earlier this year.

However, we've got a couple of new features on the way! The first of these is called "Rewards Notes", and it'll serve as a destination on console, PC and mobile where Xbox can share details about what's changing with Microsoft Rewards:

"We're kicking off something new here called Rewards Notes. It's a quicker, more direct way for us to share updates, info, and upcoming changes to keep you more connected to Rewards."

"We plan on using this space to give you a heads up on things that affect the way you earn points and collect rewards, so check in now and then. We'll be here on console first, and soon on your Xbox app on mobile and PC as well. Stay tuned!"

You should start seeing Rewards Notes in the "Rewards Hub" section on Xbox soon, although we haven't come across it as of yet. It's definitely appearing for certain users though, as evidence has begun cropping up online.

Another feature that's being added to Microsoft Rewards on Xbox is the ability to "claim points directly from your Rewards notifications". In other words, you shouldn't have to open the Rewards Hub every time you want to claim points in the future. There's no date for this new Xbox feature yet, but hopefully it'll arrive soon.

So there you go - Xbox is clearly still keen to keep improving Microsoft Rewards, which is great to see!

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