Talking Point: Would You Be Interested In A Digital-Only Xbox Series X?

When you compare the Xbox Series X to the Xbox Series S, the appeal of the more expensive version is obviously the increased power behind the hood, but it's also the fact that it includes a disc drive for accessing physical media.

This can prove to be a big bonus in plenty of cases, such as when digital games become delisted on the Xbox Store, or when you really want to watch one of your favourite Blu-Rays without fishing out your old Xbox One or PS4.

The problem is that it results in a higher cost, as evidenced by the difference between the $499 PS5 and $399 PS5 Digital Edition. So, the question is, should Microsoft have created a digital-only Xbox Series X?

There's actually been a rumour doing the rounds on social media about this recently (courtesy of The Xbox Era Podcast) with a suggestion that Microsoft might be looking into the possibility of a digital-only Xbox Series X in the future. If there's any truth to it, then perhaps we could see a cheaper version of the console on the market one day.

That said, Xbox has already unveiled the new Carbon Black version of the Xbox Series S with more storage (launching this September), so clearly the Series S is still a major focus for Microsoft right now. We'd take a guess that if a digital-only Series X was to eventually exist, it'd arrive fairly late in this generation of Xbox consoles.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Would you be interested in paying less for a digital-only Xbox Series X? If you already own a Series X, how often do you use the disc drive? We'd love to hear your comments down below.

Would you be interested in a digital-only Xbox Series X? Tell us in the poll and comments!

Would You Be Interested In A Digital Xbox Series X? (956 votes)

  1. Yes, I'd be very interested!37%
  2. I might be interested15%
  3. I don't think I'd want a disc-less Series X40%
  4. I'm just happy with my Series S to be honest!5%
  5. Other3%

How Important Is A Disc Drive To You? (896 votes)

  1. Very important!35%
  2. Fairly important13%
  3. Somewhere in the middle15%
  4. Not very important12%
  5. I don't care for a disc drive really!25%
  6. Other  0.1%