Talking Point: Which Activision Blizzard Series Do You Want To Play Most On Xbox Game Pass?

Okay, so, the big Activision Blizzard deal is officially happening - and we're already starting to get giddy about the future of Xbox Game Pass with them on board. Sure, we know that some of the team's newer titles like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Diablo 4 won't be entering the library anytime soon, but older games in their respective franchises could well be on the way imminently.

And so, we've been thinking about all of the big ActiBlizz IP that's been missing from Game Pass for all these years, and which of them we're most excited to play in the near future. We're being realistic (for now) and thinking about franchises on Xbox with relatively recent entries - and even from that perspective there's plenty to get excited about.

Of course, the obvious answer is Call of Duty. There are so many Xbox releases here - and even the old Xbox 360 titles are pretty much all backwards compatible so there's plenty to pull from. A thriving Game Pass community hopping onto the original Modern Warfare, World at War, or Black Ops? We're going to have a field day revisiting these old classics!

Diablo has been mentioned here too, and again, while we won't be getting the latest release anytime soon - what about Diablo 2: Resurrected and Diablo 3? The pair of them could be great introductions to the series before Xbox & Blizzard figure out bringing Diablo 4 over; potentially sometime in 2024.

We said we're being realistic, but if we're talking ActiBlizz we must mention Crash & Spyro here. We'd love for the backwards compatibility team to spool up again and look at bringing some of those classic original Xbox & 360 era titles over to modern Xbox systems. There are so many lost Crash & Spyro titles from years gone by, and both franchises would add amazing value to Xbox Game Pass. Failing that, we'd still gladly accept the more recent entries from these two series!

Anyway, enough of our rambling, are there any Activision Blizzard franchises you're really excited to play on Xbox Game Pass? We're trying to be realistic here by sticking to the series' that are most likely to come sooner, but by all means, feel free to throw your pie-in-the-sky wishes down below as well.

Which Activision Blizzard series are you most hyped to play on Game Pass? Tell us in the comments section!