Now that the Activision Blizzard deal has officially gone through, we can all look forward to the future - a future where Xbox has total control over ActiBlizz IP. The Call of Duty owner is sitting on a treasure trove of other gaming franchises, and we could even see some of them return in 'remake' form at some stage.

Speaking with CNBC as the deal went through earlier today, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick discussed the benefits of Xbox ownership and what he sees from the future of this acquisition. Here's an interesting tidbit from the discussion:

"I think one of the benefits of this combination is that we can take games that have been in the library for the last 30 years and actually remake them."

Now, we're not entirely sure why Activision couldn't have already done this on its own accord, but we can assume that the financials will have had some say in its desire for remakes - or lack thereof. With Xbox looking to bolster its first party output — and its Game Pass lineup — ActiBlizz remakes could be more likely to happen post-acquisition.

For now we're in the very early stages of these two huge companies merging, as Microsoft gets to work bringing as many Activision Blizzard titles as possible to Xbox Game Pass. Once that's all sorted, we may just see some famous ActiBlizz IP make their grand return on Xbox.

Are there any ActiBlizz games you'd really love to see remade? Drop any ideas down in the comments below.