Talking Point: Two Years On, What's Your Favourite Thing About Xbox Series X|S?

Well, the Xbox Series consoles are officially two years old! The Series X and S graced us with their presence on November 10, 2020, after seven years of life with Xbox One. As much pleasure as the eighth generation brought us (most of the time anyway), it felt good to leave those days behind and move to a new platform two years ago today.

So, we've got a question for everyone - what's your favourite thing about Xbox Series X|S so far? It can be absolutely anything; the new controller, a particular game, a software feature, the hardware itself, anything! We've loved FPS Boost so far, with this particular writer deeming it the best thing about the Xbox Series generation at this point. Bold claim!

There are a quite a few other features that we've really liked as well though. Quick Resume has been handy for switching between games, the 'Xbox Velocity Architecture' baked into the two consoles has sped things up a lot, and playing games at up to 4K, 120fps is consistently awesome. We're still incredibly impressed by the design of both of these machines, inside and out.

Although most of this gen's Xbox games have been cross-generation so far, we've still had a blast with what's arrived on Xbox Series X|S over the past two years. This was particularly the case last fall, when Microsoft hit us with a double whammy of Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite; both fantastic games that are still evolving to this day! Third-party support has been brilliant too, as expected, especially when it comes to day one Xbox Game Pass releases.

So, yeah: hardware, software, features, games - what's your favourite thing about Xbox Series X|S so far? Oh, and happy birthday to the pair of them! We're eager to see what they achieve over the coming years...

Let us know your favourite Xbox Series X|S feature down in the comments below.