Perfect Dark Rumoured For Xbox Showcase As Positive Feedback Begins Cropping Up

Last week, we brought you a few rumours about the state of the Perfect Dark reboot at Xbox, with some journalists and insiders suggesting that it hadn't been a smooth ride so far, and that the game might be in a very rough state.

Well, hopefully that's not the case! Since then, Jeff Grubb of GiantBomb has revealed that after speaking to more sources, he's now hearing mixed feedback - with plenty of people actually saying that it looks "really good" right now:

"Some people definitely think - yeah, there's things that don't look great and are in rough shape, but just as many if not more, now that I've had the chance to talk to even more people, think it looks really good and think it's coming together."

Jeff isn't the only person who's commented on this, as YouTuber NateTheHate suggested that the original rumours might have stemmed from outdated information - as he's heard the game's "not in that bad of a state".

Both Grubb and NateTheHate are also now suggesting that Perfect Dark could show up at the Xbox Games Showcase in June, so hopefully we'll get a chance to see it for ourselves in less than a month's time!

For what it's worth, Jeff Grubb says he still knows of a dev who think it's "rough", hence his original comments. Jeff's also someone who has a great track record with this kind of thing, so we take notice when he shares inside information.

Of course, the lesson here is that rumours are just rumours! Any details like this are always subject to change based on where in the info is coming from, how outdated it is, and also any internal changes that happen at Xbox.

It seems some sources think it's in good shape, others not so much... fingers crossed we can see for ourselves soon.

Do you think we'll see Perfect Dark at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024? Let us know in the comments.

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