Rumour: Gears 6 Could Appear At The Xbox Showcase This Summer

It feels like we've been waiting forever to hear anything about Gears 6, but that wait might also be over! A new rumour suggests the game could potentially make an appearance this summer as part of an early tease.

This is coming from Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb, who appeared on the Kinda Funny xCast today to reveal what we knows about Gears 6's potential appearance so far. The Verge's Tom Warren appears to have backed it up as well.

"I've heard some stuff might be happening with Gears 6 this summer. So, I think that a tease sounds about right to me... that seems like what we can expect."

Despite this, the hosts (including Jeff) speculated that the next Gears might not be set to launch until the next generation of Xbox rolls around, which presumably would be in around three years' time.

Hopefully we'll find out more this summer, although Grubb did mention that as always, plans can change and there's no guarantee we'll see Gears 6 over the next few months. Still, we're certainly keeping our fingers crossed for a trailer!

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