Xbox Is Apparently 'Very Confident' In Its 2024 Summer Showcase Lineup

We're closing in on the big Xbox Games Showcase for 2024, with this year's event recently confirmed to be airing on June 9th - and it's sounding like we might be in for a treat during the 2024 show and beyond.

Windows Central's Jez Corden has been hyping up the event on Twitter, discussing his most anticipated title and what else we can expect from the big show. Whatever games do end up being a part of the livestream, Corden says he's heard that "Microsoft is very confident in their lineup" - not only for this year's showcase but beyond that as well.

As you can see in the above thread there, Corden goes for State of Decay 3 as the game he'd love to see show up during the event. This is by no means confirmation that it'll actually feature next month, but given that it's been almost four years since the game's announcement, we're also hopeful that it'll make an appearance some day soon.

As for something that's perhaps a little more set in stone - it's safe to say that we can probably expect the next Call of Duty to feature heavily at this year's Xbox showcase. The team recently teased the game getting it's own 'Direct' right after the main show, with the title heavily rumoured to be another mainline Black Ops installment.

Are there any specific titles you want to make an appearance this year? Tell us your picks down below!