Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (October 28-29)

It's time for another weekend of gaming! We've been treated to some really good stuff on Xbox this past week, including the arrival of Alan Wake 2 and the addition of Dead Space Remake onto Xbox Game Pass - both in time for Halloween!

Here's what we're playing this weekend:

Ben Kerry, Staff Writer

All of this week's spooky talk has got me in the mood for something of that ilk, so I'm going to try and spend some time returning to Resident Evil 4 Remake this weekend. I got quite a ways through the game back around launch, but I just never got around to finishing it once I was assigned the Dead Island 2 review right afterwards! I've had an amazing time with Capcom's remake so far - it's about time I finished it.

Elsewhere, The Finals open beta is another thing I'd like to give a whirl this weekend. I know that the team has run into some issues with getting the beta working on day one, but hopefully if things smooth out in the coming hours, I'll be able to sneak in some playtime over the weekend.

Happy gaming, folks.

Liam Doolan, News Reporter

I'm not really feeling the spooky season this weekend, so my plan is to instead work through the first volume of Konami's Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection. Now, I realise this may not necessarily be the best way to experience each of these masterpieces, but I've never properly committed to any of these games, so I intend to change that over the next few days.

Apart from Metal Gear Solid, I'll probably jump into at least a few sessions of Halo Infinite multiplayer. I'm really enjoying the new maps and modes in Season 5 so far. I've also found myself spending a fair bit of time testing out the new AI Toolkit update in Forge mode, so I'll likely be back at it.

Game on!

Craig Reid, Video Producer

Ahoy folks!

I’m away this weekend which means there isn’t much time to game. It doesn’t mean I won’t though! I loaded my Asus ROG Ally with a bunch of games for when the holiday activities die down and I have an hour or two to spare.

This weekend I’ll be working on 100% for Gears Tactics. Y’know, it’s sad they haven’t pushed out any notable DLC expansions for it because it’s brilliant and I want more!

Happy gaming!

What Xbox games are you playing this weekend? Let us know down in the comments below.