Talking Point: How Often Do You Actually Buy Xbox Game Pass Games?

Earlier this week, the publisher behind Xbox Game Pass title Let's Build a Zoo revealed that the service appeared to have helped with sales on Nintendo Switch, with a "notable number" of people telling them that they bought the game on that platform for portability reasons - based on their experiences trying it on Xbox Game Pass.

"We've had a notable number of people say to us, 'I played it on Game Pass, then picked it up on Switch because I wanted to play it on the bus/in bed/on the move,' etc."

"The cross-promo between Xbox and Switch has been insane on this one."

And ultimately, some publishers like Take-Two appear to have used Xbox Game Pass in the past to try and temporarily entice sales, keeping Grand Theft Auto V on the service for just a few months, for example, before removing it.

The question is, how often does Xbox Game Pass actually encourage you to buy its games? Have you ever bought anything after it's left the service? Do you buy Game Pass games anyway to support the developers even further? Perhaps you buy Game Pass games for other platforms like Nintendo Switch, PC or even PS4/PS5?

We're interested to know, so feel free to tell us in the poll and comments section!

How Often Do You Actually Buy Xbox Game Pass Games? (Any Platform)
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