It's now been just over a week since Let's Build a Zoo arrived on Xbox Game Pass, and it's evidently been doing very well for itself! Mike Rose of publisher No More Robots has taken to Twitter today to reveal some stats about the game's performance, and it's great news all around for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Firstly, the game has already made $1m in revenue over the past week, which brings it to $3m in total when including the PC release from last year. Over 250,000 players have also been playing Let's Build a Zoo with Xbox Game Pass, while the game's DLC has had a quite incredible attach rate of 80%. Here's a short breakdown:

As mentioned above, Let's Build a Zoo marks the publisher's best ever Nintendo Switch launch, and Rose had some interesting follow-up comments about this, pointing out that Xbox Game Pass has actually helped with Switch sales:

"We've had a notable number of people say to us, 'I played it on Game Pass, then picked it up on Switch because I wanted to play it on the bus/in bed/on the move,' etc."

"The cross-promo between Xbox and Switch has been insane on this one."

In response, Xbox's VP of Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg congratulated Rose on the success, stating that the news was "wonderful to hear". Rose also confirmed that there's plenty of new content planned for Let's Build a Zoo in the coming months, and there will "likely be a lot more to come, especially with those Game Pass numbers!".

Great news, then! If you haven't tried it yet, Let's Build a Zoo is available right now with Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and even Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Have you been playing Let's Build a Zoo? What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments below.