Talking Point: Do You Think We'll See Another Forza Horizon Game Anytime Soon?

If you can believe it, we're already beyond the two-year point for Forza Horizon 5; the latest game in the Forza Horizon series launched in November 2021. At one point, a two-year release cycle was the norm for Forza releases, although that's clearly changed in recent years. The question is, how close are we to another Forza Horizon game?

We reckon it's a ways off yet, to be honest. Playground Games is hard at work on Fable alongside more Forza - so we could easily see the team's upcoming RPG being its big priority in the coming months. Fable in 2024 and then 'Forza Horizon 6' in 2025? That'd be lovely but even that timeline seems like wishful thinking!

Having said that, by 2025 Forza Motorsport will be two years old and Horizon 5 will have had four years on the market - so it'd definitely feel like time for more Forza by 2025. We had to wait three years for FH5 in the end, and with the way game development is going these days, an extra year for the next game seems plausible.

Of course, there's also the question of how ambitious the team will be with FH6. We've voiced our opinions in the past about how the fifth game felt a little samey after the delightful Forza Horizon 4 - so if the team decides to take even more time to revolutionise the series we wouldn't complain! A fully next-gen Forza Horizon taking advantage of the latest Xbox hardware is a tantalising thought.

Anyway, we want to know what you think. Do you think a new Forza Horizon release will come around anytime soon? Vote in the poll down below and give us your best release date guesses in the comments!

What Year Will 'Forza Horizon 6' Come Out? (759 votes)

  1. 202413%
  2. 202542%
  3. 202632%
  4. Sometime After 202613%