Talking Point: Are You Still Interested In Beyond Good & Evil 2 From Ubisoft?

Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition launches on Xbox today, with Ubisoft's fresh remaster of the Xbox classic hoping to bring audiences new and old to the Beyond Good & Evil universe. Early reviews of the new remaster seem pretty good so far, but we want to know if you're still interested in the sequel this far on from its announcement.

To be honest, we're still intrigued by what Ubisoft is cooking up with Beyond Good & Evil 2. Is it total vapourware? Is it all coming along nicely for a well-timed release following the first game's remaster? Honestly, who really knows at this point, but Ubisoft has reiterated that the game is still in development - via an interesting Q&A on today's BG&E remaster.

Back in 2022, we heard reports that the game was still in some sort of pre-production phase, while early 2023 brought an official statement from Ubisoft that the team remained "hard at work" on Beyond Good & Evil 2. It's all sounding a bit like the company's pirate adventure Skull & Bones, isn't it? That game took almost a decade to actually release!

Skull & Bones did eventually make its way to Xbox though, and Beyond Good & Evil 2 has always sounded pretty ambitious, so we're continuing to give Ubisoft the benefit of the doubt for now. But, what do you think of Beyond Good & Evil 2 nowadays? Do you have renewed excitement about it after the appearance of this 20th anniversary remaster?

Are You Still Interested In Beyond Good & Evil 2? (358 votes)

  1. Yep, I'm still pretty excited about it!28%
  2. I'm intrigued, but nothing more at this stage26%
  3. Meh, I'm not really fussed either way11%
  4. Nope, not interested anymore19%
  5. I was never bothered about Beyond Good & Evil 2 to start with!15%

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