Here's What The Reviews Are Saying About Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition

If you've been looking forward to Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition, we're pleased to say it's now available on the Xbox Store! You can grab the game right now at the low price of £17.99 / $19.99.

Alongside the release, we've also seen a handful of reviews going live - including from our sister site Push Square. Our Xbox access was only granted a few hours ago, so we'll need a bit longer before publishing the Pure Xbox review.

So, let's take a look at what the first reviews are saying about Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition:

Gaming Trend (9/10)

"Beyond Good & Evil is an absolute classic, and the 20th Anniversary Edition makes it easier than ever to appreciate why. The characters are endearing, the visuals are mostly amazing, the music is incredible, and the gameplay is a ton of fun on top of all that. If this is your first time stepping into Jade’s sneakers or your 20th, now has never been a better time to explore the beauty of Hillys."

Push Square (8/10)

"A bona fide classic remastered with love and care. This edition brings smooth visuals, a beautifully recreated musical score, and well-presented supplemental materials. It certainly shows its age, but like all great art, Beyond Good & Evil weathers the test of time with grace."

Press Start (8/10)

"Even if you’ve never played Beyond Good & Evil before, and won’t get as much of a kick out of seeing the new threads and experiencing its modernisations, there’s still a very decent 10-ish-hour romp to be had along with a bit of a peek into Ubisoft history for a fairly reasonable price of entry of $30."

Video Games By SI (7/10)

"It’s great that people will get to experience Beyond Good & Evil for the first time. They’ll just have to understand it in the context of the era it was created for."

So, it's a pretty good start for this new version of Beyond Good & Evil, which is getting largely impressive scores across the board so far. As mentioned, we'll also have our own review to share at Pure Xbox as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that if you're a subscriber to Ubisoft Plus, you'll also get access to Beyond Good & Evil's 20th Anniversary Edition at no extra charge, allowing you to experience the full game alongside countless other great Ubisoft titles.

Are You Buying The BG&E 20th Anniversary Edition? (261 votes)

  1. Definitely! I can't wait to play it!28%
  2. I probably will soon, yeah20%
  3. Maybe when it drops in price a little25%
  4. I doubt it, but you never know11%
  5. Not interested to be honest!11%
  6. I'll just play it on Ubisoft Plus...4%

Will you be buying Beyond Good & Evil's 20th Anniversary Edition on Xbox? Tell us down below.