Beyond Good & Evil 2

Some of you may remember that many moons ago, Ubisoft announced Beyond Good & Evil 2. It's a follow-up that fans of the original have wanted for years, yet, it seems to still be a ways off. According to a report from Bloomberg, it hasn't even left pre-production.

Yep, that's right. A game that was announced back in 2017 may still be in pre-production. That means some form of development is under way, but the core structure of the game is still being figured out by Ubisoft.

We must stress that this just a report. After months of silence, Beyond Good & Evil 2 did get an update in September 2020. Then, Ubisoft said that "core development" had begun, but it didn't really detail how far along that process was.

In either case, don't expect this one for some time. Beyond Good & Evil 2 looks like it's sinking into a form of development hell; a recurring theme for Ubisoft as of late. Oh well, they've got another Assassin's Creed coming soon!

Do you think Beyond Good & Evil 2 will actually release? Let us know your thoughts.