Reaction: Xbox & Nintendo Continue To Deliver With Major Summer Showcases

With E3 officially going away for good this year, we were afraid that the big summer showcase season would fall a little flat in 2024 - but Xbox and Nintendo had other ideas. With two fantastic livestreams in June, the two platform holders have reminded us that we can still have an exciting showcase season in a post-pandemic, E3-less era.

We already waxed lyrical about how amazing the Xbox show was just over a week ago, but we're using today's Ninty Direct as another reason to bang on about it. Seriously, there were so many amazing reveals across Xbox's first-party teams and third-party partners - we're still taking all of the announcements in, nine days on from the event!

While a few smaller shows like Ubisoft Forward have arrived since, today's Nintendo Direct felt like a real bookend for what's turned about to be another great summer for platform agnostic gamers. The Japanese firm announced loads of goodies as Nintendo Switch nears its final major holiday season, including a brand-new Zelda game, another edition of Mario Party and lots more!

In fact, those other reveals included some big Xbox-related announcements as well. Despite a few strange omissions where third parties are skipping Xbox for some reason, there was still a good handful of titles revealed today are are coming to Xbox in the near future. You can have a gander at those Xbox-related Nintendo Direct games down below!

We're hesitant to go out there and say either of these 'won' the summer showcase season, but we will say that both the Xbox Games Showcase and today's Nintendo Direct stood above all others as easily the most entertaining shows of the year so far. Fans of both of these platforms have tons to look forward to this year and beyond, and those of us that follow the industry have also had a pair of really good livestreams to enjoy from the comfort of our own homes here in 2024.

Long may this trend continue, and we'd be happy for some of the other major players to get back in on the act next year as well. Games, games, games, baby!

How do you feel about 2024's summer showcases? Tell us your thoughts on them in the polls down below.

What Did You Think Of This Year's Summer Showcases Overall? (303 votes)

  1. Amazing, a really great year for gaming events!37%
  2. Solid, there's been some good shows this year49%
  3. Meh, I've been left a bit disappointed to be honest10%
  4. They're not worth watching now that E3 is gone!4%

Did Xbox Have The Best Summer Showcase? (359 votes)

  1. Yes67%
  2. No25%
  3. I'm not sure8%