Reaction: Forza Motorsport Should Be Feeling The Pressure After New Gran Turismo 7 Update

We played lots of Forza Motorsport around the time of its launch on Xbox Game Pass last month, and we made no secret of the fact that we felt it needed more features to feel truly ready to cross the finish line. One of Forza's big missing features is local split-screen play, and a new Gran Turismo 7 update hasn't made the mode's absence from Forza any easier to take.

As part of GT7's "biggest update ever" (which you read all about on our sister site Push Square), developer Polyphony Digital is vastly improving the game's local split-screen mode. Not only does the game actually support the feature in the first place, but it's about to add four-player split-screen to proceedings. Four players!

Now, we don't want to overreact here but Forza developer Turn 10 should absolutely be feeling the pressure after the announcement of this update. Yes, Forza Motorsport has only just hit the market and has plenty of time to add content and improve over time (GT7 launched a good 18 months beforehand), but if the team isn't seriously looking into adding split-screen we'll be a little bit worried about the future of the title and how it'll stack up to the likes of GT7 in the long run.

It's not just the feature itself, it's also optics. The fact that Sony's premiere racer is soon to feature four-player local co-op whilst Forza Motorsport has no option at all isn't the best look - especially for a game marketed as a 'built from the ground up' next-gen racing experience. We're not saying it's over for Turn 10 or anything, we just hope the team cracks on with adding features and generally improving the Xbox Game Pass title for Forza fans.

Thankfully, Forza Motorsport is an amazing racer at its core and we have every faith that — much like its Xbox-exclusive sibling Halo Infinite — the developer will build things out over time with plenty of new tracks, modes, features and more. However, with this huge Gran Turismo 7 update right around the bend, Turn 10 has its work cut out in trying to lead the console racing pack.

What do you think to this? Are we overreacting a bit here? Tell us which lane you're in down in the comments section below!