We've already compared Forza Motorsport across Xbox Series X and S consoles, and we've seen the folks over at Digital Foundry compare the new title to its 2017 predecessor - but, how about we start looking at how the game stacks up to its main competition over on PlayStation?

Yep, the Forza Motorsport vs. Gran Turismo 7 comparisons are starting to roll in, including the above IGN analysis that gives us a short look at how the two games compare. The outlet has tried to match up similar scenes across the two titles to give us a fair glimpse at how they both hold up.

And in turn, the two games look very similar here. Sure, they both have a certain visual style - but it's high-quality stuff across the board and both series' are doing a good job at bringing console sim racing into the current generation.

We must admit that after playing the game a lot already, Forza Motorsport is at its most impressive in the heavy rain at night, so Turn 10's effort may have GT7 pipped in that department. We're sure a comparison of that nature will crop up soon anyway!

How do you think the two titles compare so far? Leave your thoughts on this cross-console showdown in the comments below.