Crazy Taxi Jet Set Radio Xbox

Okay, so, another huge report is coming out of Bloomberg today, April 19th, relating to all things Sega. The report details what the company is planning for its 'Super Games' initiative; a program seemingly aiming to bring its IP into the live service era. It appears the first steps are to bring back two classics: Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio.

According to the report, a Crazy Taxi reboot has been in the works for a year already, with release still two or three years away. Jet Set Radio is early in development too, and the report says that either could still be cancelled, depending on how development progresses.

The report regularly mentions Fortnite, Epic's ever-popular money making machine. It looks like Sega — like plenty of other companies — has seen the success of the battle royale and wants a piece of that pie. We're not sure either of these series' will quite get there, but it seems a switch to live service is Sega's next move.

Fortnite Xbox
Image: Fortnite, Epic Games

Last year, Sega revealed that the company was teaming up with Microsoft to form a "strategic alliance that explores ways for Sega to produce large-scale, global games" using the Azure cloud platform, and you never know, this could also open the door for the titles to hit Xbox Game Pass. That's just wishful thinking from us, for now at least!

What do you make of this? Will Sega be successful in its live service moves? Let us know your thoughts below.