Phil Spencer Calls The Acquisition Of Tango Gameworks A Great Step For Japan Presence

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Xbox has acquired a lot of studios this week after the ZeniMax deal finally got approved. One of those studios is Tango Gameworks, who are most notably known for working on The Evil Within series.

Featuring a lot of Japanese talent, Spencer believes the studio is a "great step" in securing a foothold in Japan, a market which for a while now has been very PlayStation focused. During yesterday's roundhouse discussion about the acquisition, Spencer commented on his desire for a "first-party presence in Japan" (transcribed thanks to VGC).

“I’m ready to go to Tokyo, to go see Tango [Gameworks], a studio which I have such respect for [and] the history of the creations there. I’ve talked for a long time about our desire to have more of a first-party presence in Japan. This is a great step there. Thinking about the map of where these teams are, and talking about all the games they’re working on… I can’t wait to speak to the Tango team and get to know them.”

Studio founder, Shinji Mikami, also said he "look[s] forward to the inspiration that will spark from our new relationship with the people at Xbox". Currently, the studio is working on Ghostwire: Tokyo, which is a timed PS5 exclusive. Spencer has said any exclusivity deals will still go ahead, but no doubt the game will make its way to Xbox eventually.

What we really want right now is The Evil Within 3. Come on Tango, make it happen!

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