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    Xbox One

    Review TRON RUN/r

    ​Despite being fans, we fight for the users

    If there was ever a movie franchise that should lend itself to a whole host of entertaining videogames, it's TRON. The two films are set in a digital world where everything crackles neon, feature intense disc battles and of course, contain fantastic sequences on light cycles. The latest (and probably...


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    Xbox One

    Review Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition

    To Infinity...and beyond?

    Everyone in the world has heard of Disney Infinity by now. Well, at least those of us with children certainly have! The Disney take on the formula started by the Skylanders has always had a different slant, with much more emphasis being placed on community-created content. The Toy Box mode allows whole games and worlds to...


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    Xbox One

    Review Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

    Not taking the Mickey

    Enough words have been written about the history of Microsoft’s second attempt at motion controlled gaming and how it was a mandatory purchase for all bleeding-edge Xbox One owners. We all know how a lot of people – probably the majority, in fact – don’t see even the second iteration of Kinect as being a viable input...


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    Xbox 360

    Review Brave: The Video Game

    Red Head Redemption?

    Let’s dispense with pleasantries, shall we? We all know that games based on movies are usually average or downright awful, with THQ’s excellent Puss in Boots perhaps being the only notable exception of late. So, we won’t dwell on that. Or we wouldn’t dwell on that, were THQ’s latest Disney/Pixar crossover, Brave: The...