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New Backward Compatibility Releases Teased for This Week

Posted by Ken Barnes

The fog lifts

Update (16/06 17:54 UK)

Well, it's not even remotely as we'd imagined. So far today, Left 4 Dead, Portal 2, Flashback, Babel Rising, and Brain Challenge have joined the backward compatibility list. There may be more to come...

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Back in May, Amazon US listed a whole wave of new backward compatible titles that were set to go live on Xbox One. They were listed as purchasable digital codes, with a release date of June 14th, 2016.

One title - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - actually went live to buy on Amazon, complete with a product image showing that the game plays on Xbox One. As it stands, it does not, so that's a bit shady. The rest of the list leaked by the retailer consisted of Dragon Age II, Skate 2, Fight Night Round 4, Burnout Revenge, Fable Anniversary, and Crackdown 2.

Naturally, we expected these titles - all listed as launching on June 14th with Amazon - to be revealed during Microsoft's E3 press conference, but that wasn't the case. Now, though, during an interview with Giant Bomb, Phil Spencer has confirmed that there's something on the horizon. Whether or not these are the specific titles remains to be seen, but he said:-

"We actually have some good - I think - announces tomorrow that are coming out on back compat, which'll be cool. I think it's tomorrow."

So, we could see an announcement later on today (Thursday) if Phil's remembering the schedule correctly. And naturally, some of these games are EA titles, so there's always a chance that they'll turn up as part of EA Access for subscribers. This is all speculation of course, but we'll keep you posted.

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stylon said:

I'll be getting Fable Anniversary if that is announced - I started the series at 2 on the 360...



sorethumbed said:

@stylon It's 'rougher around the edges' than the others, its a much older game but is my favourite. A tad darker than the later iterations and less intuitive to play but great IMO.



ChopperCampbell said:

@stylon the original has the best setting too. Two and three were too early industrial for me, while the original has less in the way of technology and more in the way of remote villages surrounded by monsters and magic.



stylon said:

@sorethumbed Thanks for the inside info. I don't mind the toner being darker at all - the other two were a tad silly in places if I'm being honest so if that's been reigned in a bit then all the better!



VanillaLake said:

EA? I'd love to see Dead Space 2 and 3 then, unless they're planning to remaster the trilogy.



slpstrm said:

Sounds like a good range of games, can't wait to download what i have now and buy some more.

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