Talking Point: What Convinced You To Pick Xbox In The First Place?

We're fast approaching the 25th anniversary of Xbox (look out for it November 2026!), and over the past couple of decades, the brand has racked up millions of fans who have spent thousands on consoles, games and more.

It might be a fairly short history all things considered, but so much has happened in that time. Each of the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S eras have come with their own ups and downs, from major successes like the release of Halo and the glory days of the Xbox 360 library, to the Red Ring of Death and the botched Xbox One launch.

Despite some of the low points, there have been countless reasons to jump on board with Team Xbox throughout the years, and we've heard from people who were there from the very beginning, while others have only bought their first console in 2024. Regardless of when you joined, we're interested to know why picked Xbox in the first place!

So, in the comments below, we'd love you to tell us what originally convinced you to pick up an Xbox. Were you allured by Halo on the OG Xbox? Did you buy into the Xbox 360 golden years? Perhaps you just got a console as a gift?

Which Xbox Console Did You Start With? (2,898 votes)

  1. Original Xbox49%
  2. Xbox 36033%
  3. Xbox One / One S5%
  4. Xbox One X2%
  5. Xbox Series S5%
  6. Xbox Series X6%

Let us know when you first joined the Xbox community down in the comments section below.