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Exclusive Screens: Activision Bringing New Cel-Shaded Transformers Title to Xbox

Posted by Ken Barnes


Back in 2014, Activision released the so-so Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark for Xbox 360 and Xbox One and, since then, has been relatively quiet about the direction that the videogame versions of the franchise would be headed.

However, a source has revealed exclusively to Pure Xbox that the company is set to announce a cel-shaded brawler by the name of Transformers: Devastation at E3.

We've nabbed a handful of screenshots for you to check out but at the moment, all we know is that the game will definitely be coming to Xbox 360. We're going to assume that an Xbox One release is on the cards also and have reason to believe that it'll launch this year, but outside of the images themselves there's very little else to go on.

We'd imagine that we'll see more of Transformers: Devastation at E3, complete with release details. Note that at this time, there's absolutely no information as to who the developer of the game is. Is it outside of the realms of possibility that this is one of Platinum's secret projects? After all, they did just work with Activision on The Legend of Korra, which features some pretty similar-looking visuals, background-wise...

What do you think?

Do you think Transformers Devastation is developed by PlatinumGames?

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Red620Ti said:

Looks like the cartoon from the 80s! Having a major flashback here...



BAMozzy said:

I really am not a fan of cel-shading at all. I much prefer the look of all the other Transformers games (inc those based on the movies...). This just looks like the cartoons - which I guess was the intention - but it also kind of puts me off too.

I don't buy games based on the looks alone but I will admit it does lose a bit of my attention because of it. Obviously if the game play, story etc are great, its more likely to get purchased than if it has cel shaded artwork or not.



SuperKMx said:

I reckon it looks awesome

Then again...cel-shaded...instant Jet Set Radio reminders. Walks zombie-like across room to Dreamcast...



Trikeboy said:

If this is Xbox exclusive, I'll finally get an Xbox. This looks like they are going for a comic book rendition. As a massive Transformers fan that grew up with the 80s cartoon, I'm in love. I really enjoyed the more realistic WoC/FoC games but this is just perfect for the G1 characters as they were originally conceived.



Cyberpath said:

Iconic characters in their most iconic form. The artwork looks amazing. Hats off to whomever's behind this. Hopefully the gameplay will be equally enjoyable.



Red620Ti said:

These 2 guys above me get it. Proper Transformers from a proper era!



wyld3 said:

I about passed out seeing this. I'm 33 and I kinda caught the G1 era at the tail end, but I loved it and the toys so much. Still remember my dad scouring our state for the final piece of Devastator and coming up empty. Still have the other 4! My emotions make the N64 kid look like he half-assed it, and I'm a grown man. Whoever pitched this, whoever gave it the ok, and everyone involved THANK YOU. Gentlemen and Scholars every damn one of you.



JaxonH said:

It could be the Platinum B team that did Korra. It's definitely not the A-Team though.



DarkS1de said:

ohh yes this could make me buy an xbox one just for thisgame.
Massive G1 lover and have always wanted a game to pay homage to the original Transformers show, and not that live action Bayformers motion picture mess that micheal bay has cashed in on..



PokeMario said:

If Platinum Games is developing it that would be unfortunate. We all know how The Legend of Korra turned out.



stylon said:

I'm a bit late to the party in spotting this bit of stonking news but this looks absolutely awesome... and Peter Cullen and co are on board to do the voices as well! Couldn't be happier... Autobots roll out!

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