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Xbox Fitness Domains Registered

Posted by Ken Barnes

Kinect One will help you shift the pounds

Microsoft has registered two domains this morning that could possibly point to one of the titles that they're set to reveal at E3 in a shade over two weeks' time. and were picked up yesterday, while the company already owns the domain, and has done since 2009.

It looks ever more likely that a fitness product of some sort will be shown at Microsoft's E3 presser, which will take place on the day before E3 opens its doors.


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shingi_70 said:

Guessing this is going to be the successor to Nike+ Fitness and the Playfit stuff from last year.

This also goes nicly with the therumor's of a Microsoft smartwatch that actually came from microsoft making a fitbit like device for the 360 and playfit last year. Like Ryse this could have been moved to next gen and the WinRT Kernal ecosystem.



HeatBombastic said:

Most fitness games lose their novelty very quickly. Unless they're really good dancing games.

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