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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Demo Now Live

Posted by Ken Barnes

Swing away!'s somewhat heavenly Amanda Balionis stars in a new trailer released today by EA Sports, which promotes the fact that the demo of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is now available on Xbox Live.

The demo allows you to play as the legendary Arnold Palmer, experience the LPGA for the first time in an EA Sports PGA Tour game by playing as Lexi Thompson, and check out the new "Connected" online tournament system. On top of that, the Legends of The Majors mode is available. If you complete the available Legends challenge at Royal Birkdale as Arnold Palmer, you'll unlock him for use in the full game. As well as Royal Birkdale, you can thwack the ball around a new course at Oak Hill Country Club.

Kinect mode has also been enabled for the demo this time around. Take care you don't go bringing any lampshades down as you try to get an extra 20 yards on your drive, won't you?

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 launches on March 28th.

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Tasuki said:

Why are they still using Tiger Wood's name? Isn't he washed up now? I seriously haven't heard of him for awhile now.



SuperKMx said:

@Tasuki Still ranked 10th in the world right now, and still the most successful golfer of all time. That qualifies him, I reckon.



Tasuki said:

Really?? Yeah I would say so that, that qualifies him. I guess I just dont pay attention to golf to much nowadays.

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