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Updated: Fable Legends Release Date Confirmed

Fable Legends Release Date Confirmed

Back to Albion

The next iteration in the Fable series Fable Legends has been known about for some time but a release date has remained elusive. Until now, that is. The Xbox YouTube channel uploaded a video recapping the recent San Diego Comic-Con and showing off some of the demos and panels that they hosted there. You can check it out below...

E3 2015: Fable Legends First Look

Fable Legends First Look

Absolutely Fableous

Just before E3, we were lucky enough to be invited to play the beta of the new installment of the Fable franchise, Fable Legends. The game itself is free to play and takes place in third person view, whilst the villain plays from a top down perspective, using their resources to cause mischief and mayhem. Mainly playing as part...

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