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They’ve invaded our daily lives for years, and you’ve never really considered them to be a serious threat. You just never imagined that they could even possibly be…real.

Well, you were wrong!! They really do exist!

This year, see them with your own eyes… Rabbids will mess around with the Kinect™…and your life!

So go crazy. Act out physically ridiculous and humorous challenges this Holiday 2011 with Raving Rabbids® for Kinect for Xbox 360.

Key Features

  • RABBIDS COME TO LIFE – Rabbids become real, emerge from the floor, and interact with players in unique experiences and augmented reality.
  • RABBIDS TAKE CONTROL – Swim, jump, dance, roll and slap freely, all in the hope to halt the Rabbids from invading. Square off with them in the craziest mini-games, in the most insane situations ever imagined!
  • RABBIDS REDEFINE – The party game genre has been redefined with the ability to play with up to 4-players simultaneously; a first on the Kinect. Time to turn the living room upside down with friends and family with an abundance of customizable game types.
  • JOIN THE RABBIDS COMMUNITY! – Capture and share online photos, accomplishments, and high scores with friends and family.

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Posted by James Newton

One for the committed

Ubisoft's crazy Rabbids hit the Wii five years ago, but what many don't realise is that the original Rayman Raving Rabbids was ported to Xbox 360 with support for the doomed Xbox Live Vision camera. Surely with that experience — and the vastly superior...

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Rabbids Alive and Kicking in New Augmented Reality Video

Coming to invade your home

Ubisoft's experiments in the world of virtual reality rabbits have reached a critical point, and their bizarre creations — the Rabbids — are out and about in the real world, and we have the footage to prove it. This new trailer for Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking for Kinect shows the game's augmented reality features...

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