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Posted by Ken Barnes

Fast and furious.

Back in 2008, when Criterion released Burnout Paradise into the world, they changed people's perceptions about what an open-world racer could truly be. Sweeping vistas, recognizable streets and some truly revolutionary multiplayer gaming were the order of...

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News: Criterion Exit Racing Genre

Criterion Exit Racing Genre

Heading toward new projects.

Criterion Games head honcho Alex Ward has taken the strange - if respectable - step of issuing an official statement regarding the company's future plans. Usually, we'd be left to speculate on whether a new Burnout game is on the way, or whether they're working on Black 2, but this clears all that up. In the statement,...

News: NFS Most Wanted Gets New DLC

NFS Most Wanted Gets New DLC

Slips out under the radar...

We've heard no word of this one from EA or Criterion, but it seems that a big new DLC pack has been released for Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The "Terminal Velocity Pack" went on sale this morning on Xbox Live for 1200 MSP, and includes an entire new area - Hughes International Airport - for the game. Also, a few new...

News: Need For Speed: Most Wanted Headed to Kinect

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Headed to Kinect

Criterion racer gets Kinect support.

Those beady-eyed folks over at VG247 have spotted something rather special. It appears that Criterion's 2012 reboot of the game is more than likely coming to your Xbox 360 complete with Kinect support in October (or November if you're in Europe.) The official packshots for the game released at E3 don't contain...

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The third gameplay trailer from EA's upcoming Need For Speed Most Wanted, coming soon for Kinect for Xbox 360.

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