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  • News Remember Pool Nation FX? It Came Out 5 Years Ago Today

    Hit 1 million downloads in four days

    If you were an Xbox One owner back in April of 2015, you're bound to remember Pool Nation FX. The game, which followed the original Pool Nation on Xbox 360 from 2012, was released as a free Xbox Games with Gold title at launch, and racked up millions of downloads in just a few months. It's safe to say it got off...

  • Review Pool Nation FX (Xbox One)

    Rack and ruined

    Back in 2012, a game by the name of Pool Nation launched on Xbox 360. Pretty much overlooked by everyone other than hardcore fans of cue and ball action, it was a surprisingly good take on the sport, featuring a ludicrously addictive Endurance mode, great visuals, and smooth gameplay. Fast forward to 2015, and Pool Nation FX has...