Xbox's New 'Just For You' Sales Include Super-Cheap Mafia Trilogy Deal 1

As another Tuesday rolls around we have a fresh set of Xbox deals for the coming days - with the focus of this week's discounts being a 'teaser' collection for Xbox's big summer sale. However, we're also seeing a selection of these 'Just For You' offers that Xbox likes to throw around these days, and a deep discount on Mafia: Trilogy has piqued our interest in particular.

Here at the PX offices, a few of us are seeing this Mafia bundle at a discount of 84% off - making all three games and their DLC packs just £8 on the Xbox Store. The first game in this bundle is also the Mafia: Definitive Edition remake from 2020, so this bundle has some value to it at this price!

We're also seeing big offers on various editions of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, multiple EA Sports titles and more on our consoles - so it's definitely worth having a browse on your system to see what shows up for you.

One other thing we should add is that these deals are cropping up in various places on the Xbox Store, but they don't always show up when you search for specific games. We've seen some "Just For You" deals appear on special sales pages, but the best way to find your discounts is explained down below:

Xbox 'Just For You' Deals - How To Find Your Games

  1. Head to the Xbox Store on console
  2. Hit the "Deals" button
  3. Scroll down to "Special Offers"
  4. You should see your selection of discounts here

Have you spotted any of these deals yet? Tell us which offers you're getting down in the comments!