Xbox's Latest 'Just For You' Deals Offer Up To 90% Off Select EA Titles

More of Xbox's 'Just For You' discounts have started to appear on the Microsoft Store, and this set of deals once again focuses on some big EA titles - including 90% off a huge Battlefield 2042 bundle.

That'll be the Battlefield 2042 Elite Edition, which includes the base game for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S alongside all of the game's premium 'Year 1' content; up to and including Season 4. This bundle is coming in at £9 here in the UK, down from £89.99 - although the base game itself is of course part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate / EA Play these days.

One title tucked into these Just For You offers that isn't on Game Pass yet is EA Sports WRC. EA is offering up Codemasters' latest rallying effort at 60% off, which isn't bad for a racer than only launched back in November! Here are some of the offers we've been seeing - although it's worth noting that these can vary from user to user:

The rest of this promotion includes lots from the EA Sports catalogue for us, including Madden NFL 24, PGA Tour and more, and the discounts seem to expire by the end of the weekend. All of these EA deals appear to be exclusive to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members too, so it's worth checking your console to see what specific 'Just For You' deals appear!

How To Find "Just For You" Deals On Xbox

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store app on your Xbox console
  2. Hit the "Deals" button
  3. Scroll down to "Special Offers"

Any 'Just For You' deals you might take advantage of here? Tell us down below.