Xbox Fans Confused By 'Weird Temu Spam' Plaguing Direct Messages

For a while now, our Xbox inboxes have been regularly flooded with some form of spam - and not the chopped pork in a can variety. Xbox does at least categorise 'chat requests' as a completely different thing to conversations with friends, but still, the constant 'offers' to buy our gamertags do grow a little tiresome. Now, a new kid is on the block, with some strange 'Temu' messages appearing in players' DMs.

Temu, the online marketplace shipping cheap tat from China, is fast becoming a new theme for Xbox spam messages. We got one just this week that offers to grant us a "$15 Xbox code" for downloading the Temu app and creating an account.

Here's the message we received earlier today:

Xbox Fans Confused By 'Weird Temu Spam' Plaguing Direct Messages 1

Of course, this is absolute bogus and it's safe to say there's no way any of us are getting Xbox codes out of this. We're certainly not the only ones receiving this sort of message either - we're starting to see confused Xbox fans mention them all over the web.

We'd like to see Microsoft got a hold of this sooner rather than later so that we all get less bot messages, but given how frequently we see spam DMs on our console, we can't see much changing anytime soon. All we'll say is that if you see this message, or something similar, don't get your hopes up of getting a $15 Xbox code - or whatever else gets advertised in your lovely cans of digital spam!

Tell us if you've been getting any strange Temu messages on Xbox down below.