Xbox Dev Asks Fans Not To Spam Her With Requests To 'Change The UI'
Image: Xbox, Eden Marie on Twitter

Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie is one of the most active members of the development team on Twitter, but she's had to issue a warning about "annoyance campaigns", using a request to overhaul the current Xbox UI as an example.

Yesterday, she shared an image of a couple of direct messages she received about this (the one you see above), asking fans to "please not do this", and then going on to explain why it's not a good idea to spam her with requests:

"For the record, I'm fine with people DMing me with feature requests (as long as you don't expect an answer). I actually love it. But annoyance campaigns will get you blocked, unless you happen to be extraordinarily lucky (or extraordinarily right).

By the way, this isn't about the substance of the post. It's fine to have an opinion on the UI, and it's fine to tell me about it. I'm still not going to comment on any plans, and spamming me every day about it isn't going to get me to do that. Especially for an area I don't own."

"The absolute best place to make feature suggestions is the weekly "Xbox Requests" thread [on the Xbox Insiders Reddit page] — that way you're not depending on just me to get the right eyes on things."

Despite Marie acknowledging that her concerns weren't "about the substance of the post", her comments drummed up quite the conversation amongst fans in the replies, with many suggesting the current Xbox user interface is great as it is, while others agreed that it could do with an overhaul.

In any case though, this wasn't the way to go about asking for a change. Xbox's employees can be very engaging on social media, and the last thing we want is for them to be forced away due to so-called "annoyance campaigns".

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