Sometimes it's hard to believe yourself when you type a sentence like 'Xbox owns Call of Duty and Fallout' but its darn true, and later this week the two massive Microsoft franchises will be crossing over in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

Yep, the COD x Fallout bundle brings a bunch of Fallout-themed gear to Call of Duty multiplayer on June 20th - including character outfits, weapon skins, charms, and even a Pip-Boy accessory!

Usually these sorts of bundles cost roughly 2400 COD Points, or about $20 real cash, but the pricing of this specific bundle will be revealed when it enters the Call of Duty in-game store on Thursday. All new items are purely cosmetic, although some of the weapon blueprints will grant players certain existing weapon builds without having to unlock those specific attachments.

Call of Duty is all about the crossovers these days, but it's still cool to see Fallout enter the fray - it's certainly something we couldn't imagine happening just a couple of years ago!

Are you interested in this bundle? Or are you waiting for Black Ops 6 at this point? Tell us your thoughts down below.