Call of Duty is always popular, there's no denying that. Every year that a GTA title doesn't launch the franchise seems to break records, but there appears to be an extra bout of hype behind this year's Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 - the first one to launch day one on Xbox Game Pass.

In just four days, the Black Ops 6 gameplay reveal trailer — which debuted during the Xbox Games Showcase — has picked up more than 50 million views on the series' official YouTube channel. That now makes it the most popular Call of Duty trailer of all time, surpassing 2016's Infinite Warfare reveal - which has 46 Million views at the time of writing.

That Infinite Warfare trailer, now the second most-viewed in franchise history, has its own storyline to it as well. If anyone was paying attention to the FPS scene back then, the IW trailer was slammed as Call of Duty fans grew tired of the series' futuristic spin - while that same year's Battlefield 1 trailer went on to smash records for EA's series in comparison.

We'd hazard a guess that Black Ops 6's inclusion in Xbox Game Pass is probably helping this year's Call of Duty get a bit more attention from non-CoD players, along with the fact that it's a proper mainline Black Ops title of course. Either way, Microsoft will no doubt be incredibly pleased with how Black Ops 6 is trending so far.

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