Crossovers are the 'in thing' these days, and Call of Duty is taking the concept one huge step further. The series has already merged with the likes of Scream, Saw and Attack on Titan with recent events, but now, Godzilla and King Kong are arriving on Warzone's Caldera island.

Yep, you read that right. An island that started out as a move towards World War II for Warzone is now seeing these two lads show up? Eh, we're kind of on board to be honest. Sure, it's hardly 'realistic' but look at these two wreaking havoc!

Call of Duty Godzilla Kong

The two movie titans arrive as part of the Warzone/Vanguard Season 3 update, although how exactly the event will play out remains to be seen. We'd expect some sort of limited-time event playlist where Godzilla and Kong will show up and completely destroy the map to be honest.

The rest of Season 3 contains your usual array of maps, modes and weapons, if you're into more down-to-earth Call of Duty action. The Season kicks off next week, April 27th, before the big event arrives May 11th. Of course, Warzone is free to download if you're just here for the big movie crossover!

What do you make of this event? Enough to tempt you into trying Warzone? Let us know in the comments.