Bethesda's Todd Howard made an appearance on the MrMattyPlays YouTube channel today, where he confirmed that Starfield will get a second year of content alongside another paid expansion following 2024's Shattered Space DLC.

Howard's first mention of a "year two" for Starfield came during a segment in which he was discussing the recent June update for the game, explaining that there might be "more of a gap" until the next major update:

"There'll probably be more of a gap after this, there'll be some bigger gaps next year as we look at those big beats for kind of "Year Two" that we're planning..."

Following up on this, MrMattyPlays asked about the plans for expansions after Shattered Space, questioning whether an annual strategy could be in the works. Howard confirmed that at the very least, we're getting a second one:

"I would say we want to [have annual expansions], more or less, yeah. How long that continues... hopefully a very long time, but we're planning for the one after [Shattered Space], so there will be another one."

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves though! Shattered Space is obviously the focus right now, and Howard noted during the interview how it'll take place mainly in one city, comparing it "content-wise" to Fallout 4's Far Harbor expansion.

If you're interested in Shattered Space and you're playing Starfield on Xbox Game Pass, keep in mind that it's available with the Premium Edition Upgrade, which also includes a few other in-game benefits for £31.49 / $31.49 altogether.

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