Following today's Xbox Games Showcase 2024 and the reveal of a trailer for Starfield's upcoming Shattered Space DLC, the game has also received a free update across all platforms in which some major new features have been added.

The big highlight here is the arrival of community-made "Creations" on Xbox, allowing you to download all kinds of modifications for your game across Series X and Series S. A few are already live, and there's plenty more to come!

Starfield Premium Edition owners are also being gifted 1,000 Creation Credits to spend on paid Creations.

"From subtle tweaks to ambitious adventures, Creations brings vast opportunities to a universe-sized sandbox. Discover and play exciting new content from Creators and Bethesda Game Studios through the Creations menu and explore Starfield like never before."

Elsewhere, you can take on a free new mission by joining the Trackers Alliance in the June update, with more of these missions being made available periodically via the Creations menu (a second is available for purchase today). A new Bounty Scanner System has also been implemented, along with improvements to melee combat.

"Scan the citizens of the Settled Systems as you explore, and you may find some carrying a bounty. From there you can choose how you confront them."

"The June Update adds improved tiers for melee weapons as well as the ability to improve your melee weapons at crafting benches. Youโ€™ll now see melee weapons with higher damage in the game that you can then take to a crafting bench to improve further.In addition to the improvements to the melee weapon system, you can also now research the types of ammunition you like at a Research Station and craft them at an Industrial Workbench!"

The Starfield June update is officially available right now on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, and it clocks in at just under 20GB on Xbox Series X. Get it downloaded and let us know your thoughts on the Creations menu below!

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