Thanks To Mods, Starfield Now Has Lightsabers On Xbox Series X|S
Image: Ahsoka Outfit, Starfield Creations

We're keeping a very close eye on the modding situation for Starfield on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as it's resulted in some very cool freebies over the past few weeks! Not only does the Series S version now run at up to 120FPS, but we've also got some amazing skins for the likes of Batman and various Star Wars characters.

Speaking of Star Wars, how about some lightsabers?! You've got a few options for these on Starfield, including the DarthSidious666 mod known as All Trilogies Lightsabers, and the SomberKing mod known as Immersive Sabers.

Here's a look at the latter in action:

As cool as this is, we're still only just scratching the surface of what Starfield's Creation suite will deliver for Xbox fans over the coming weeks, months and years. In terms of Star Wars specifically, we've already seen elaborate ideas to transform the entire Starfield experience into something that resembles a full-on Star Wars game.

It's definitely worth checking some of these out if you're interested, as they're entirely free to download! Have a play around, see what you like, and you may find yourself sucked back into Starfield all over again.

Have you come across any cool mods on Starfield so far? Tell us in the comments down below.