Star Wars Outlaws Game Length Revealed Ahead Of August Xbox Launch

Star Wars Outlaws is definitely one of our most-anticipated Xbox titles at the moment, with its release less than three months away, and we've been seeing a whole bunch of great footage from the Ubisoft title over the past few days.

We also now know how long of an experience it'll be. In an interview with VGC, creative director Julian Gerighty confirmed that we're looking at around 25-30 hours, while completionists can expect to double that.

"Very, very early on, we decided this is going to be a 25, 30 hours golden path adventure, 50 hours, 60 hours for completionists, and that is, for a guy with a family and a job, it’s still a fair amount of time."

Gerighty then went on to mention how limiting the game to a 30-hour standard length instead of a 200-hour Assassin's Creed epic means that Outlaws' smaller team can focus on the detail and "executing something that is manageable".

In terms of the hands-on previews we've been seeing so far, they've been quite mixed in regards to whether the game is shaping up well or not, so there's even more intrigue surrounding this one now. Pure Xbox's own Craig Reid has been hands-on with Outlaws as well, and soon as he's back from LA, we'll bring you his impressions!

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