Tango Gameworks, Arkane Austin Tribute Appears In LA Ahead Of Summer Game Fest

Indie publisher New Blood Interactive has created a fitting tribute to some of the major game developers the industry has lost in recent months - with Bethesda's Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin studios included in the heartfelt message.

The tribute has appeared on a digital billboard in LA, just as Summer Game Fest is kicking into gear in that part of the world. Alongside these two Xbox studios, OlliOlli developer Roll7, Saints Row maker Volition and Sony's London Studio are also featured.

The billboard goes on to read:

"Gone but not forgotten.

Everyone laid off, downsized, & 'made redundant'.

Thank you for great games, from your friends at New Blood.

We love you, we miss you, we hate money."

This is a pretty creative way to show support to all of the developers affected here - in what has been a tumultuous few years in game development. Layoffs and studio reshuffles are just part of the business we suppose, but when you see things like this it does make you really feel for the individuals involved in these sorts of decisions.

We wish all of those who are involved with these studios the very best, and we also feel thankful for the great games they've all produced over the years. We'll get to enjoy these experiences for a long while to come, which is just a shred of consolation for us all.

Tell us what you make of this creative billboard message down below.