Arkane Austin Devs Post Heartfelt Messages As Final Update Arrives For Redfall

Redfall's final patch landed yesterday for Xbox Series X|S and PC, delivering a load more new features than we were ever expecting to see. Alongside the long-awaited offline mode we've got a new difficulty option, completely revamped Neighborhood & Nest systems, new enemy encounters, improved AI and more.

However, even though this update looks like a massive step in the right direction for Redfall, it of course comes with a tinge of sadness. The game's developer Arkane Austin is now closing down and will not be producing anymore games - which has led to an outpouring of messages from those who worked on Redfall and its final update.

We'll drop a bunch of these down below, starting with a message from the game's legendary co-creator Harvey Smith.

In addition to these heartfelt posts from some of the devs who worked on Redfall, Arkane Lyon lead Dinga Bakaba has also sent his support - adding that he "can't wait to get his hands" on this final Redfall update (language warning*).

We'll definitely be giving this final version of Redfall a proper whirl in the coming days - we never expected the May update to deliver on this much and we're very intrigued to see how it all plays out. For all of the details on Redfall Game Update 4, check out the patch notes down below.

How are you feeling about the update and this whole situation, as things stand? Go ahead and discuss down in the comments.