Summer Game Fest 2024: Date, Start Times, Confirmed Games & More

E3 may be no more, but Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest has basically taken over - gathering up a bunch of summertime gaming events for us all to enjoy. Under this umbrella is the official Summer Game Fest livestream, which effectively kicks off all of the big showcases taking place over the next few weeks.

In our Summer Game Fest 2024 guide, we'll go over the date, start times, confirmed games, rumours and potential Xbox-related appearances for this year's show. Here we go!

Summer Game Fest 2024: Date

The 2024 edition of the Summer Game Fest Showcase takes place on Friday, June 7th.

In some countries such as Australia and Japan, this translates to June 8th.

Summer Game Fest 2024: Time

Summer Game Fest 2024 begins at 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm BST / 11pm CET on June 7th.

Summer Game Fest 2024: Date, Start Times, Confirmed Games & More 2

Summer Game Fest 2024: How Long Is It?

This year's Summer Game Fest show will be roughly two hours long, as confirmed by the event itself.

It will then be followed up by two other showcases - Day of the Devs and Devolver Direct.

Summer Game Fest 2024: How To Watch

You can watch Summer Game Fest 2024 in a variety of locations, including here at Pure Xbox! We'll be hosting the 4K, 60FPS version of the show on the website, as well as running a live chatroom for PX members to discuss the show in. Simply look out for the live thread on the website this Friday (a few hours before the event).

You can also watch the Summer Game Fest show directly on YouTube.

Summer Game Fest 2024: Confirmed Games

As usual, most of the show is kept under wraps until it airs. However, host Geoff Keighley is known for hyping things up a fair bit beforehand, so we do have an idea of some of the titles expected to appear at Summer Game Fest 2024.

First off, we have a selection of titles that have been officially confirmed for the showcase. You can expect new looks at Dune: Awakening, Monster Hunter Wilds, Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, Unknown 9: Awakening, Slitterhead and a brand-new Blumhouse horror project throughout the event.

Alongside these confirmed games, we have heard lots of rumours about Summer Game Fest 2024 as well. The event has confirmed that 2K will be there in a big way, with a new Borderlands or Bioshock game the topic of much discussion since the team's 2K reveal last month.

We've also heard reports of a brand-new Tomb Raider reveal potentially cropping up at SGF this year - with an open-world India setting rumoured for the next instalment. The Tomb Raider franchise has been busy lately, so you never know, we may find out about a brand-new series entry this week!

And that's about all, folks. Remember, the Xbox Games Showcase quickly follows Summer Game Fest this year - along with a whole bunch of other gaming showcases in the weeks ahead. Buckle up!

Looking forward to Summer Game Fest this year? Tell us your showcase season plans down below.