Sea Of Thieves Was The Best-Selling PS5 Game In Both The US & Europe Last Month

Rare's Sea Of Thieves was probably the most high-profile Xbox game to make the switch to PlayStation 5 earlier in the year, and Microsoft's multiplatform move seems to have paid off for the Xbox owner already.

In a new post over at the PlayStation Blog, Sony has detailed its software sales charts for May 2024, and Rare's pirate adventure tops the list in both the US and Europe. Yep, Sea of Thieves is officially the best-selling PS5 game in both regions for May 2024.

While we're not super surprised by this — SoT also topped the EU charts back in April — it's still fantastic to see - and it's also kind of wild that Xbox will be making a huge cut on these chart-topping PS5 sales. As for Rare, they'll no doubt be happy with a huge surge of new Sea of Thieves players this year.

In regards to what Xbox players can look forward to in future, the team has unveiled that Sea of Thieves Season 13 is landing on July 25th across all platforms - as announced by Microsoft at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Surprised to see Sea of Thieves do so well on PS5, PXers? Drop your thoughts on this news down below.