Rare made its PlayStation debut last month with the arrival of Sea Of Thieves on PS5, and it sounds like its pirate adventure is doing quite well on the platform so far. As revealed by Sony in the company's latest PlayStation Blog sales post, Sea of Thieves was the best-selling game in Europe during the month of April.

What's perhaps even more impressive about this feat is that the game released on literally the last day of the month - April 30th. Sea of Thieves was of course up for pre-order for a good while before that date, but it's only been fully released on the platform since April 30. Congrats to Rare on this one!

The hype coming from Sea of Thieves launching on PS5 seemingly had an effect on existing versions too. A couple of weeks before the game's PlayStation launch, Rare announced that Sea of Thieves had gathered 40 million total players across Xbox consoles and PC - including Game Pass users of course.

In terms of how the game is shaping up on PS5 from a technical perspective, it sounds like things have gone down well on the Sony system. In fact, the tech experts at Digital Foundry actually deemed the PS5 port to be slightly superior to the Xbox version, so it's certainly a good place to now enjoy Rare's ongoing pirate adventure!

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