'Project Tamriel' Is A Mod Aiming To Bring The Elder Scrolls To Starfield

Starfield mods are going absolutely wild at the moment. We've seen Star Wars skins, lightsabers, and even huge performance improvements arrive via the game's new mod tools already - and a newly-announced Creation Kit project is aiming to take things to the next level. And by the next level, we mean integrating three Elder Scrolls worlds into one Starfield planet.

Posted on Reddit, a team of modders are "dedicated to reimagining Tamriel with a unique Starfield twist", seamlessly bringing "Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind into Starfield". This sounds insane, and if they can pull it off, then bravo.

Better yet, this 'mod' isn't just about the locations. That original post says that "beloved quests" from the three games will also feature, so if it all actually comes together, it'll be like playing an Elder Scrolls game within Starfield.

Here's a chunk of their initial pitch for Project Tamriel:

"Project Tamriel is an ambitious and groundbreaking modding endeavor that aims to bring the entirety of Tamriel from The Elder Scrolls series into the expansive universe of Starfield. This project will seamlessly integrate Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind into Starfield, creating a unified and immersive experience on a single distant planet. By including iconic items, detailed maps, and beloved quests from these classic games, we are dedicated to reimagining Tamriel with a unique Starfield twist.

Imagine traversing the breathtaking landscapes of Skyrim, exploring the mystical realms of Morrowind, and experiencing the grandeur of Oblivion—all within the advanced, immersive environment of Starfield. Our vision is to create a cohesive and richly detailed world where fans can rediscover their favorite Elder Scrolls locations and adventures, now with a starfield twist of perspective."

We don't know how they'll pull this off, but we have no doubt the team will give it a right old go, given the scale and scope of other mods we've seen for Bethesda games. Remember Fallout London? That thing is still being cooked up for Fallout 4, and it's been in development for ages!

Anyway, we'll be keeping a close eye on this project in the coming months to see how it evolves. We're super curious to see if this all manages to come together in what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest Starfield mods to date.

Excited to see this in action? Drop your thoughts on Project Tamriel down below.

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