Back in December of last year, we were finally treated to release date news for the long-awaited Fallout 4 mod known as Fallout: London, with plans to release on April 23rd, 2024 for PC. Sadly though, those plans have now changed.

The reason for this is because the developers of the mod weren't aware of the April launch for Fallout 4's official next-gen update until it was revealed publicly a couple of weeks ago, which has caused London to suffer a delay due to fixes that will be required following the PC version of the update. Speaking to the BBC this week, Fallout: London project lead Dean Carter admitted that the team were disappointed not to receive any information about this ahead of time:

“You'd think that they would have at least had a conversation, to just be like - look, you guys are at least notable, you're not official, but let's make sure that we don't ruin this for the fans."

"We’re doing this for the fans at the end of the day. The same fans, and this has now just caused us to delay which hurts a lot of our team and our hard work for the past four years, and it’s let down a lot of fans. And as a result, which we’ve seen from the likes of backlash from the video, is that people are blaming Bethesda even though I’ve asked them not to. I think that’s inevitable when there’s that lack of communication. I just wish they had a conversation with us."

For those who aren't aware, Fallout: London isn't affiliated with Bethesda whatsoever, but remains a major DLC-sized mod with a world map that's "about the size of the vanilla Fallout 4 Commonwealth and Far Harbour combined". There's no sign of an Xbox release unfortunately, but there's nevertheless a lot of hype around its PC launch.

Hopefully Bethesda and Fallout: London developer "Team FOLON" will be able to work together to ensure the mod's release goes smoothly in the near future. The good news is that despite this setback, it doesn't sound like it's far away:

"So, we won't give you a fancy release date announcement this time, because it might be on the 25th of April - we might get lucky with a one day fix (it's unlikely but it could happen) - or it might be a month from now. But please know in good faith, it's sitting there ready to go just awaiting those fixes. As soon as we've fixed it, it'll drop."

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