Former Xbox Boss Reminisces About Gears Of War's 'Groundbreaking' Mad World Trailer

Less than a year ago we ranted and raved about how much we liked the direction of the first Gears of War game, and we're definitely not the only ones that still have strong feelings for that era of Gears. The first game in the series, and also its Mad World marketing campaign have gone on to become iconic, and former Xbox boss Peter Moore has taken to social media today to talk about how the team put the classic trailer together.

Posting on Twitter, Moore says that the 2006 Xbox trailer was "groundbreaking", and that it was "risky, expensive, difficult and brilliant" to make in Unreal Engine 3 - the same game engine that powered Gears of War itself.

We can certainly agree on the groundbreaking front - at the time we'd never really seen anything like this before in terms of video game marketing. In fact, this writer was basically convinced to go with Xbox 360 as their next console of choice after seeing this trailer on TV - and the rest, as they say, is history.

Anyway, we never miss an opportunity to talk about this trailer and its place in Xbox history - we can hardly believe it's almost 20 years old at this point! Gears has carried on this tradition of emotionally gripping trailers in most of its series entries since, and we hope that the upcoming Gears 6 does just the same!

Do you like this trailer as much as Peter and us? Tell us your fondest memories of that era down below.