Gears Of War Voice Actor Reckons We're Due A 'Gears 6' Announcement In June

Gears of War developer The Coalition has been rather quiet since Gears 5 dropped almost five years ago, but we're starting to see pointers that things may get busier this year. The latest hint is a fresh tweet from the voice actor behind Gears character JD Fenix - the actor thinks June could be the month for a big 'Gears 6' announcement.

Spoiler Alert: Gears 5 Story Details Ahead

It's not a megaton tweet by any stretch, but basically, the voice actor responded to a question about his character - with the notion that The Coalition could be set to reveal the next Gears in June 2024. We'll drop the response down below, but do bear in mind that the initial fan question contains spoilers for Gears 5.

Now, this isn't confirmation by any means - even the actor himself seems unsure about the developer's plans. However, we've already had one big rumour that Gears 6 will show up at Xbox's summer showcase this year, and The Coalition was spotted making some pretty big Gears-related hires recently. All roads point towards June for a new Gears reveal, but we'll have to wait and see!

If you need to brush up on your Gears skills before then, how about taking a look at how to beat the game on insane without ever taking cover?! Yep, a streamer performed this amazing feat in 2024 on Gears of War: Ultimate Edition; The Coalition's first Gears release.

Excited to see Gears 6 in action? Tell us if you think we'll see the game this June!